SaunaBoat – Popular Summer Activity in Finland

Finland is known as a birthplace of sauna. It is said that the history of sauna can even be traced back to 10,000 years ago.

Most people who visit Finland would try sauna while staying in the country, but not many of them get the experience of taking SaunaBoat.

Not like sauna which can be enjoyed throughout a year, you can only get on SaunaBoat during summer time, when the lake and river are not frozen and the temperature is warm enough.

Actually SaunaBoat is my recommendation!

SaunaBoat consists of wooden sauna, deck, BBQ space, and sometimes hot tub (It depends on the kind of the boat).


The procedure is quite simple!

You change your cloth to swim suits (Some local people don’t wear anything) and warm up yourself in sauna. After you get sweaty and feel warm enough, jump into the lake or river from the boat to cool down yourself. 

You can repeat this process several times, or in between that you can also relax in the hot tub or enjoy BBQ with drink. 

If you have a high tolerance for alcohol, you can bring some in sauna! 

Another way to arrange this experience would be fishing from the boat since it goes around the lake or goes down the river where a variety of fish live.

For me personally, SaunaBoat is one of the most exciting summer activities in Finland and it is a great way to experience Finnish nature and culture firsthand. 

Usually you are supposed to pay for one boat as a group(Maximum number would be 10-15 people depending on the boat), so if you come as a group the individual spending will be cheaper!