Ranua Zoo – Meeting Unique Animals

What is Ranua Zoo?

If you are animal lovers, it is worth visiting Ranua Zoo when you travel in Rovaniemi.

In travel magazines that explains Rovaniemi, this Ranua Zoo is usually featured as a northernmost zoo in the world.

The zoo is located nearly one-hour drive distance from the city center of Rovaniemi. It features over 50 different animal species including unique Arctic animals such as reindeers, moose, arctic fox, polar bear, and so on.

There are various tours offered by local travel agencies that take you to Ranua Zoo from your accomodations. The cheaper way would be going by yourself if you can manage to rent a car.

Regardless of the season, make sure to wear sturdy shoes and in the winter time, you definitely need warm, comfortable outdoor fitting and winter shoes (waterproof).


What is Ranua Zoo like?

It is not the typical zoo where people can find animals living in small cages quite easily.

As you can see in this picture, you walk on the wooden trails in Ranua zoo and look down fields surrounded by fences. This structure will make yo feel as if you are walking in the forest and observing Lappish wildlife.

Ranua ZooRanua Zoo

Since some animals live in natural large areas with stones, wooden houses and trees, sometimes it can be hard to find them.

I personally liked the environment where you get to walk in the zoo as if you are hiking in the forest.

Also, during the winter, some animals do not really hang around outside and thus, you might not able to see many of them especially when the temperature is so low.

Another cool things I have to mention is that the filed is full of blueberry plants! Of course you can pick them up and eat if you want.

Here I want to introduce some animals…


The most impressive animals there were these two white big creatures. They are the only two polar bears in Finland, who know how to entertain the audiences with a ball.

polar bears

It was fun to see those unique animals which can’t be seen in my home country. However, not surprisingly, most of the animals seem to be very relaxed all the time, which seemed to be far from natural wilding states to me.

I have no idea if they still have a strong instinct and sense of danger based on the jungle law.

While taking a walk along the trails, I was wondering if I was an animal, would I prefer living in the peaceful zoo with only a few buddies or surviving and exploring in a do-or-die situation with families or huddles?

Last but not least, if you are chocolate lover, visit this Fazer chocolate shop located just in front of the entrance!


They have a variety of chocolates and candy products from the popular Finnish brand, Fazer, for cheaper price than supermarkets. You can get some sweets from there for your coffee time or for souvenirs to your friends.

In my opinion, visiting Ranua Zoo might not be a must if you have limited time in Rovaniemi as it would take at least half a day.

However, if you are animal lovers or interested in knowing more about arctic animals, then Ranua Zoo would bring you intriguing experience.