What my friend taught me on my birthday

I turned to 29 years old on February 5th. Every year on my birthday, I remember what one of my friends told me when they celebrated my birthday in Vancouver, Canada.

VancouverI studied in Vancouver for a year as an exchange student during 2010-2011 and reached my 20th birthday there. Some of my Japanese friends there took me to a fancy sushi place since turning to 20 years old is a big thing in Japan.

When we were talking after the sushi dinner, one of my friends who was a bit tipsy suddenly started talking to me passionately. 

“Daiki, you know what? People celebrate birthday and of course that’s great, but birthday is also a day when you should thank your parents, especially mom.”

That blew my mind in a positive way. 

On birthday people usually focus on what they can get, such as presents, surprise, and party, and nothing is wrong with it. 

However, I found the idea of showing an appreciation to your parents on your birthday so sweet, important and reasonable. 

Since then, I at least try to text or call to my parents to tell my appreciation every year on my birthday and will continue doing that too.