Authentic Sushi Experience in Kyoto

Experience report of great sushi restaurant

Nowadays you can find sushi restaurants all over the world and there are many kinds of sushi invented based on a variety of cultural aspects and creativity.

I have had sushi in several different countries other than Japan, such as Canada, Austria, Taiwan, Nepal and Finland.

Most of them were well-made and I enjoyed, but still one restaurant in Japan remains in mind and I visit there every time I go back to my hometown, Kyoto.

That restaurant is called “Mizuki”, located at the inside of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Kyoto.

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Kyoto

It is a five-star luxury hotel, and thus I have to admit that the menus are quite pricy, but you will get the authentic sushi experience there for four reasons.

1. Super tasty sushi and cuisines

Sushi they offer is a combination of traditional style, Edomae, and the original styles inspired by different food cultures.

For example, this is “Helicolenus hilgendorfi” (a type of semi-fancy white fish) sushi, topped with mascarpone and slightly char-grilled.


The ingredients, such as fish, rice, and vinegar, come from all over Japan since those are selected from the best locationstuna

Sushi seems really simple to make, but they try and test hundreds of combinations of the different ingredients based on their professional spirit.


I would say the key words of sushi here are “Freshness” and “Innovativeness”.

Here is a starter menu.



2. Wide selections of Alcohol

Drinking wines with sushi was supposed to be a wrong way among sushi lovers in Japan.

However, they succeeded in designing sushi which is good not only with sake but also wine. An acquainted sommelier can help you choose alcohol if you have no idea what to drink.

For instance, you can start with cold sake with the starter menu and then have wine with the unique sushi.

sushi and wine

Depending on the customers’ preferences, both sushi and alcohol can be main treats here.

3. Atmosphere

The dining space there is sophisticated, artistic and full of traditional Japanese crafts. Also, the plates and the table are  the ones made by traditional craftsmen.

From the counter table you get to see the skill of a craftsperson with the view of a rock garden and a waterfall.

sushi counter

The authentic but chilling atmosphere enables you to fully enjoy food and drinks. Not pushy at all.

4. Hospitality

The Ritz-carlton is known as a hotel which offers great service to the customers. This restaurant is not an exception as a part of the hotel.

I have visited there several times before coming to Finland. The chef somehow got to know from our conversation that I would come to Finland to pursue my master’s degree.

After the meal, there was a surprise from the restaurant.


Sushi Mizuki

This says “Congratulations on your acceptance to a grad school!”

Nobody asked them for this surprise for me, but the chef kindly prepared this to encourage me who was about to start a new chapter of life in Finland.

Sushi is not just food but an art filled with passion for craftspersonship.

I think these experience can be brought based on the gold standard of the Ritz-Carlton. I especially like the motto that includes the phrase “we are ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen” (Source)