Let’s Make A Bucket List

When I was 18, I watched a movie called “The Bucket List”. That movie was about two elderly men who embark on an adventure with a wish list of things to do before they make their final exit. 

That movie gave me the idea of creating a bucket list and since then I actually started adding things I want to do and update it regularly for fun. On my list I have now over 100 things to do and those are quite extensive, from something related to travel to other things related to self-development.

This is anything like a solid plan but more like a casual wishes that might enrich your experience of life. I’d like to introduce some the items I have had and how it’s been going.


 ☆Achieved items on my list 

Here are some of the items I have achieved on my list :

  • Watch Northern light

→ I was able to see Northern lights several times when I was living in Rovaniemi for 4 months for winter work. One time it was magnificent aurora with green, red and purple colour dancing in the sky and it even looked like a light shower, which I will never forget.Aurora

  • Complete Master’s degree in Europe

→ I applied for business schools in Finland, got accepted, and graduated in 2019. That was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and I decided to stay here in Finland.


  • See the Himalaya Mountain in Nepal

→ I got to see the great view of Himalaya while paragliding in Pokara, a beautiful city of Nepal.


  • Watch “The Magic Flute” in an opera house

→ I managed to get a standing seat of the popular program by when visiting Vienna.


  • Visit Machu Picchu in Peru

→ After the long, tough journey by airplane, train, bus and walk, I made it to my dream place in 2010. That was the most magnificent, holiest and mysterious heritage I’ve ever been.
Machu Picchu


 ☆Items on my list  

Here are some other items that are waiting to be achieved :

  • Become a bridge between Japan and Finland

    →This includes both business and cultural activities as an entrepreneur and investor and a marketer. I’m now 29 years old so I have time.

  • Visit Salt Flat in Bolivia

    Salt Flat


  • Watch a football game of FC Barcelona at Camp Nou Stadium

    Camp Nou


  • Feel “Mamma Mia” vibes on an island in Greece

    Greece island


  • Hike in Switzerland with the view of Matterhorn



  • Give a gift of travel in Italy to my parents to enjoy “Roman Holiday” with authentic Italian meals



  • See the great sunset next to Moai on Easter Island in Chile


  • Meet another “Daiki Yoshikawa”

    → I want to know what kind of person he is and what kind of life he has had.


  • Reach C1 level in Finnish

    →Now B2 level but I want to reach C1 during 2021. Finnish is hard but “Harjoitus tekee mestarin.”(Practice makes perfect)


  • See the famous painting by Claude Monet – “Woman with a Parasol – Madame Monet and Her Son”
    Claude Monet - Woman with a Parasol - Madame Monet and Her Son - Google Art Project


I recommend you to try creating your own list or making one with your partner or family if you feel like. I have now 127 items on my bucket list as of April 20th, 2020. That also includes things I will need to work on every day without one clear attained level, such as “make a happy family with my future wife” or “Become a bridge between Japan and Finland” mentioned above.  

As I wrote, however, the idea of creating this list is not anything like a set of solid plans but a set of items that might add a little spice to your life by knowing what kind of hopes or wishes you have. 

So, what kind of items will you have on your bucket list?