Easy recipe to make Tiramisù (learned from Italian friend)

Let’s learn how to make Tiramisù

In the winter of 2017, I met two Italian exchange students in my Finnish language course of my university. We got along really well and I invited them to my home party, where people brought many kinds of food from their own country.

The most popular delicacy there was not sushi I prepared, but apparently Tiramisù those two Italian girls made. Two weeks later, I was at their place learning how to make that Tiramisù and surprisingly, it was so easy and took less than 30 mins to make!

That was actually as tasty as Tiramisù I had at one of the restaurants in Rome, so I’d like to share the recipe with you!

Most of the ingredients should be able to be found in supermarkets.



*For eight people (Two containers in the pictures below)
・Mascarpone cheese(500g)
・Cocoa powder
・Biscuit(Soft and thick one in which you transfuse coffee)
・Coffee (Espresso or other kinds of dark coffee)

You don’t have to find the same ones as the pictures below. There are other brands that can be replaced.


Cooking procedure

  1. Divide eggs with yolk and egg white
  2. Add sugar(50g)to the yolk and then add mascarpone cheese in it and mix them……A
  3. Add sugar(50g)to the egg white and mix them with an electric mixer until it becomes meringue……B
  4. Add sugar (About 25g or less: not too sweet) to coffee and mix them
  5. Put B into A slowly and mix them……C
  6. Dip all of the biscuits in coffee up and down briefly and put them in the container as the picture below
  7. Put C on the biscuits in the container and put biscuit and C again
    (There should be 4 layers from the bottom: biscuit→C→biscuit→C)
  8. Sprinkle cocoa powder and cool down in the fridge for 30 mins

This is quit simple as you can see! Here are some of the pics of the ingredients and the procedure.

Mascarpone Cheese

Mascarpone cheese











Procedure 7












Good points of this recipe

During the party, some people there were even licking the containers where Tiramisù was since everybody really liked it.

The good thing about this recipe is that you do not need to prepare any special ingredients and also the procedure is pretty simple. No professional skills are needed for that.

I told this recipe to my family and they also tried making it. They said it was very easy and the tasted so yummy. You can of course cook for yourself, your family or your friends but this would be also suitable for home party.

Some people are not fan of sweets but you can easily adjust the level of sweetness in two ways in this recipe.

First,  you can decrease the amount of sugar. Second, you can dip the biscuits in coffee for a bit longer coffee.

When I made this by myself, I dipped the biscuits in dark coffee quite a long time so that the biscuits absorb coffee well.

Therefore, you can prepare two kinds of them in two containers just by adjusting the amount of sugar or coffee if you want to offer both for adults and children.